N Good Health Wellness Program

Norton Healthcare is leading the way in workplace wellness with N Good Health — the organization’s employee wellness program. N Good Health is designed to help you improve or maintain your health through support, discounts on popular wellness programs, participation incentives and more.

Participating is easy. Engage in the program and earn rewards. From nutrition to physical activity, mental well-being to community belonging, a lot of things make up a healthy you.

Our team of wellness specialists cares about your well-being and is available to help with in-person or virtual assessments to help guide you to resources.

Get Started

Review our program guide to learn more, then go to NGoodHealth.com to get started. If you don’t have an account, select “Join Now” and follow the instructions to create your account. The site is accessible from any device with internet access and provides information on nutrition, physical fitness, weight management, tobacco cessation, coping with stress and much more.

Questions? Contact the N Good Health team at (502) 629-2162.

Your personal health information is kept strictly confidential. Human Resources employees do not have access to your information, and it will not be used for any employment actions or decisions.

Who Is Eligible?

All employees have access to the N Good Health wellness program, the well-being portal and the mobile app. Spouses on a Norton Healthcare medical plan have the same access.

Spouses will need to obtain a spouse member number to create an account and complete the N Good Health wellness program activities. Call the N Good Health team at (502) 629-2162, option 1, to get a spouse number, then go to NGoodHealth.com.

Important Dates

Engage with N Good Health between Sunday, Jan. 1, and Friday, Dec. 1, 2023.

Complete Program Activities to Earn Points

Employees and spouses can earn up to $910* for 2024 when you complete program activities throughout 2023. Program activities help you along your wellness journey and earn program activity points. The points you earn add up and move you from level to level throughout the year. The more program activities you complete, the more points you earn. The higher the level you reach, the higher the rewards you earn: The level you finish on Dec. 1, 2023, will lock in your rewards for 2024.

If it is unreasonably difficult or inadvisable due to a medical condition for you to complete the N Good Health program activities to earn points, you may complete a medical exclusion form in order to qualify for them. Call N Good Health at (502) 629-2162 for the form or answers to any questions.

*Employees and spouses actively covered on a Norton Healthcare medical plan are eligible for financial incentives.

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