Your First Day

Onboarding day is your first official day at Norton Healthcare, but what’s next?

Here’s what you need to know about your work day.

Step 3: Learn More About Our Dress Code

Employees are expected to follow the Norton Healthcare dress code policy while at work. Learn more about our dress code, including your discipline-specific uniform or scrub color.

What do you wear to onboarding? On your first day, we want you to be comfortable but maintain a professional appearance. You can wear scrubs or business casual attire. What not to wear? Jeans, sweatsuits, leggings, shorts or other casual attire. If you have questions about the dress code for onboarding, ask your manager.

Step 4: Complete Your Payroll and Benefits Information

During your first week, you’ll receive access to the Norton Healthcare computer system, including Nsite, the employee intranet. You will use Employee Self-Service on Nsite to complete your payroll information, set up direct deposit and enroll in all employee benefits. You’ll find how to use Employee Self-Service in your onboarding manual.

You will receive specific information about how to enroll in payroll and benefits, as well as answers to your questions, during your onboarding day.

Our Benefits

Norton Healthcare offers a competitive package of employee benefits as part of your total compensation package. Here are your benefits at a glance. To learn more about your employee benefits, check out the employee benefits guide. You will receive specific information about how to enroll for benefits and answers to your questions during your onboarding day.

Step 5: What’s Next?

Follow the new employee pathway for on-the-job information.

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