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Would-be zookeeper thrives in hospital

Switching career focus from animals to people proved to be just the right move for a medical technologist.

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Ladies, it’s time to fight for our right

Despite global successes, women athletes still fight for recognition on and off the field.

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My story is still being written.

Cancer survivor Jeri Cash provides hope and encouragement as she reflects on her life during and after cancer.

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Songs to celebrate mom

Enjoy this playlist with the special woman in your life this Sunday.

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What does it mean to be a mom?

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers from Norton Women’s Care

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Honoring the true heroes of Oaks Day

On the day of the Kentucky Oaks Survivors Parade, an ovarian cancer survivor shares her reasons for participating.

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Kids with asthma: The silent warriors

Medication. Love. Patience. A father shares how his family copes with asthma.

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20 minutes to the perfect power nap

Don’t be left at the gate this Derby weekend. Squeeze in a power nap to stay in top form through all the festivities.

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A Derby without bourbon?

Yes, an alcohol-free Derby can still be in good taste!

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Movie rehashes autism & vaccine debate

Actor Robert De Niro started the conversation — again — and has received backlash. Do vaccines really cause autism?

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A sure bet: Derby week injuries

All hands on deck as Norton Audubon Hospital prepares for hundreds of injured and sick racing fans this weekend.

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9 ways to avoid Derby road rage

If Derby week traffic jams have you stressing, try some of these tips to lighten up.

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