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The gift that keeps on giving

One more glass of water a day could help you lose weight, clean up your complexion and otherwise improve your health.

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Buy Peeps! (Just please don’t eat them)

Our writer has long been enamored by the sparkly marshmallow treats. Then she looked at the ingredients.

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How do you make the golden years shine?

It starts with eating right, boosting your vitamin intake and adding some strength training to your exercise routine.

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Standing Tall Thanks to Norton Surgeon

A local spine surgeon’s invention is now a standard used around the world for people needing back surgery.

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Local Surgeon’s Work Helps 1,000s

If you’ve had spine surgery to remove a damaged disc, there’s a chance you have an implant invented by a local surgeon.

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On Easter, share your faith, not your germs

You can still worship this Sunday without spreading your cold or flu among your fellow church goers.

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Should I stay or should I go? (3/23/2016)

Gearing up for spring break and worried about Zika? Don’t cancel your trip just yet. Here’s what to pack to stay well and enjoy yourself.

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Spine surgeon helps teen realize dreams

A patient shares a touching letter of thanks for being more than just a surgeon.

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The HPV Vaccine: Myths and Truths

You don’t have to look far to find conflicting information on the news, the Internet and from family and friends. The vaccine protects against the sexually transmitted disease called human papillomavirus (HPV), and girls aren’t the only ones at risk.

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Norton Children’s Hospital receives $2.5 million to enhance orthopedic and spine care

Surgical services unit to be named after world-renowned Kentucky spine surgeon.

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When cramps stop being normal

Women know cramps are a normal part of life. But for some, the pain can be debilitating — and that is not normal. It could be endometriosis.

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Liquid laundry pods pose serious risk to children

Recently, Consumer Reports decided to no longer recommend laundry pods due to the health hazard to children.

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