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1 thing women need to stop putting up with

It happens to just about every woman. Many just put up with it. But for some, like Angela Johnson, it’s enough to affect daily life in a big way. Johnson, 57, decided she was not going to put up with urine leakage any longer after having an accident while on vacation. Contrary to popular belief,…

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Norton Healthcare Foundation

Be the Bliss in Someone’s Life

In late July 2015, appendicitis led Mark Faulkner to the emergency department and an emergency appendectomy. During the procedure, doctors discovered he had a large tumor in his side, about the size of a banana. After immediate testing, Faulkner was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer. He began receiving chemotherapy just one…

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Migraine and Headaches, Neurosciences

Rough week for migraine sufferers

Greater Louisville meteorologists are predicting near-record low barometric pressure readings for mid-week, and as many who suffer from migraine already experience, the barometer changes can also result in migraine pain. Brian M. Plato, D.O., with the Headache & Concussion Center, a part of Norton Neuroscience Institute, encourages migraine sufferers to heed the warning and prepare…

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Norton Cancer Institute gains national attention

Norton Cancer Institute is making a mark as an authority in treating blood cancers. Findings from two important clinical trials have been published in prestigious medical journals. In December 2015, the findings of a trial on chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) were published in The New England Journal of Medicine. The study compared how well two…

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Norton Now, Recipes, Urology

5 power foods for better urinary health

Bananas and other high-fiber foods can be good for urinary tract health and preventing urinary tract infections by encouraging regular bowel movements and relieving pressure on urine flow. Here are five power foods to make sure you are getting into your diet to help with UTIs and for better urinary health. 1 – Water. Drinking…

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Womens Health

Why you should be thinking about your bones

Walking on the beach. Lifting a bag of groceries. Bending over to do spring gardening. We all need strong bones to keep up with life’s everyday activities, whether it’s work, play or the adventures in between. Yet people with osteoporosis, a disease that makes bones brittle and weak, may have to think twice about activities…

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Prevention and Wellness

Take charge of your heart health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, uncontrolled high blood pressure is the leading cause of heart disease and stroke. Because many times it has no symptoms, high blood pressure is called the silent killer. If you know you have high blood pressure (also called hypertension), take these steps to get it under…

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Expecting, Obstetrics

Pregnancy Journey: First Trimester Woes

My friends, co-workers and family will tell you I’m crazy because I want a million kids. All rationale goes out the window when someone asks me how many kids I want. I usually say I would love four, will probably have three, but if finances weren’t an issue would have many, many more. So soon…

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More adults with congenital heart disease

When Hannah Reed was 5, her pediatrician listened to her heart and heard something abnormal. A visit to Robert Solinger, M.D., a now retired pediatric cardiologist with University of Louisville Physicians, resulted in a diagnosis of bicuspid aortic valve stenosis, a congenital heart disease. The aortic valve regulates blood flow from the heart into the…

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Acute Stroke Intervention

One day after her knee surgery, Phyllis Atzinger experienced a stroke while in the hospital recovering. Luckily she was in the right place at the right time. Her neurosurgeon, Shervin Dashti, M.D., Ph.D., with Norton Neuroscience Institute, explains how he stopped the stroke from damaging Atzinger’s brain using a minimally invasive and highly successful approach,…

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Cardiac Rehab, Cardiology, Heart, Heart Attack, Interventional Cardiology, Thoracic Surgery, Women’s Heart Program

9 Early Signs of a Heart Attack

Early signs of a heart attack, or “beginnings,” occur in more than 50 percent of people who have a heart attack. If recognized in time, these early symptoms can be treated before the heart is damaged. Early signs of a heart attack Someone may experience any or all of the following symptoms. When they start,…

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Prevention and Wellness, Spirituality

Tapping Into Your Spirit for Better Health

Do you have a purpose in life? Do you believe in something greater than yourself? Julie Haber, spiritual wellness provider from Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona, says all of us have a spiritual side we may not know about. She says finding that part of yourself and putting it to use may help…

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