Norton University

Norton University provides learning opportunities to enhance the personal and professional development of our employees. Our team guides and equips our employees for success to help make Norton Healthcare the preferred health care organization in our region.

Norton University offers the following types of learning opportunities to employees:

  • Career development. In partnership with our Office of Workforce Development, courses and programs are available for employees to advance their careers.
  • Leadership development. Leadership courses are available for new, emerging and experienced leaders.
  • Staff development. Staff development centers on career development, progression and enhancement; and general enrichment learning opportunities that serve Norton Healthcare’s mission, vision and values.

College at Work

College at Work is a collaboration among Norton University, Norton Healthcare’s Office of Workforce Development and Degrees at Work, a part of the community’s 55,000 Degrees initiative. College at Work provides customized services to assist participants as they pursue a college degree or other technical/professional program.

The program assists in areas such as prior learning assessments; understanding financial aid and scholarships; balancing work, school and life; transferring credits; computer literacy in the classroom; and how to succeed in online classes. The program provides a direct connection between the participant and the college or university of his or her choice.

School at Work

School at Work is a six-month program designed for entry-level workers in the health care industry. Its two-pillar approach combines education with career planning. It incorporates a blended instructional learning model that applies accelerated learning principles and provides continuing education at the employee’s work site.

The program teaches participants goal-setting techniques to obtain targeted personal and professional results, explores time management skills to improve work outcomes and reduce stress, reviews and exercises effective communication skills that meet patient safety and satisfaction standards, and much more in 12 modules.

Elevating First-Line Employees

Elevating First-Line Employees (EFLE) is a holistic, multidisciplinary initiative designed to help frontline employees overcome barriers to career advancement through career coaching/mentoring, educational opportunities and assistance in creating a personalized career development plan. Employees are matched with a career coach who will guide them through the core curriculum and use of available resources to improve mind, body and spirit. A service project may be included as an opportunity for employees to give back to the community as a group.

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