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High School Program

Working with community partners, Norton Healthcare has developed the Norton Healthcare High School Academy Program. The program supports high school students in career exploration and creation of meaningful work experiences that directly impact patients. The program provides unique experiences in health care through volunteering, shadowing, hands-on experience and other learning opportunities.

It was recognized by Jefferson County Public Schools as the “Most Innovative Business Partner” in 2018.

Program Overview

The internship offers continuous learning for high school juniors and seniors who have reached age 17.

The students are employees who start by attending Norton Healthcare system orientation and training for a role in their area of interest: patient care associate, Norton Medical Group staff member or pharmacy tech.

During this internship, students have hands-on experience through electronic medical records charting, assisting in patient care and interacting with families, health care professionals and patients. The students continue to have the support of Norton Healthcare’s workforce development department through individualized career coaching and professional mentorship.

As employees in their senior year of high school, students will expand their scientific knowledge of health care and have an opportunity for the following:

  • Job shadowing and career exploration
  • Clinical symposiums
  • Transition into other Norton Healthcare roles aligned with their health care career pathways
  • Tuition assistance resources for postsecondary degree programs

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