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Spring into sports safety

Spring is here and participation in organized sports or playing in the neighborhood offers tremendous social, emotional and physical benefits for children.

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Can coffee stop you from getting MS?

Don’t put down that cup of joe just yet. An MS specialist weighs in on a study that says coffee may lower your risk.

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Stop making excuses and eat!

Avoid getting ‘hangry’ and 6 other things that happen to your body when you skip meals.

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Child abuse through a doctor’s eyes

Imagine being the doctor who sees the horrors of child abuse first-hand. One shares what we all can do to stop abuse.

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Overall cancer death rates are down

So why is lung cancer still the top cancer killer of Kentuckians? Here’s what we are doing to turn the tables.

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Can I handle another?

OK, I’m freaking out a little! My life is busy enough as it is. How am I going to fit another baby into the picture? Thankfully, I’m not alone. Read the next installment of Megan’s pregnancy journey.

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Preparing yourself and your kids for puberty

Demonstrate supportive and positive behaviors in response to your child’s changing body and questions they may ask.

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More moms can find safe haven for babies

Expanded Kentucky law gives moms more time to make courageous decision to give up newborn.

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Power Foods – Berry Smoothie

One of the best ways to get a large amount of berries into your child’s diet is through smoothies. Fresh or frozen berries offer a tasty option for your child, no matter what is in season.

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Home after hip replacement

Local high school football coach back in game after new hip replacement technique — surgery in the morning, home that night

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Mosell Stands Tall

Mosell and his mother arrived in Louisville in July and stayed with family. Dr. Puno performed the operation in August.

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The gift that keeps on giving

One more glass of water a day could help you lose weight, clean up your complexion and otherwise improve your health.

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