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Poison Related Facts & Myths

Fact or myth? Drink milk if you swallow poison. If you get acid on your skin, you should neutralize it. Child resistant is the same thing as childproof.

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National Poison Prevention Week

Poisonings are now the number 1 leading cause of death in the U.S., ahead of motor vehicle accidents and gun violence.

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Can an aspirin a day keep cancer away?

Low-dose aspirin guards against heart disease, but it also may reduce your cancer risk—especially colon cancer.

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Here comes the pollen. Are you ready?

The spring bloom brings sneezes, watery eyes and stuffy noses. Which allergy medicine will work best for you?

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The second trimester lull

I’m on cruise control now! Oh, wait. Was that bump in the road? And where’s the next exit? I have to pee! Read the next installment of Megan’s pregnancy journey.

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Shook-up shamrock shake

Remember those artificial green but oh-so-yummy shamrock shakes that were only around in March? Try this guilt-free version of that American classic.

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Baby formula may not help allergies

Special formulas claim to help stop allergies, but research still says breastfeeding is best.

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Hope means never waiting for answers

When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you want answers right away. Norton Cancer Institute is now offering same-day appointments.

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Zika virus in Kentucky

With a case of Zika diagnosed in Kentucky, questions are spreading about the virus. An infectious disease expert explains what you need to know.

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Shrimp Aglio e Olio Recipe

Follow this easy recipe for shrimp with garlic and oil to prepare a delicious and healthy meal.

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Kids Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer helps protect you against nasty germs. It’s all over the place — in the office, in your bathroom, even in your car or purse. While most people use hand sanitizer to keep themselves healthy, most parents don’t realize how dangerous it can be in the wrong hands.

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