Norton Joint Care Program

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The Norton Joint Care Program was developed to help ease fears or stress over joint replacement surgery, to help you understand the process of having a joint replaced and to set you on a path for a more active, pain-free life.

The program includes comprehensive education and rehabilitation components, so you can know what to expect before, during and after joint replacement surgery. Our whole-person approach and community atmosphere helps support you each step of the way.

Participation in the program may help you have less pain and a quicker recovery time after surgery. A care team, including physicians, a coach, nurses, care managers, physical therapists, music therapists and others, is dedicated to helping you return to an active life with your new joint.

The Role of a Coach

We strongly encourage you to have a “coach” to help you through your joint replacement journey. Your coach can be a family member or friend who is willing to help you prepare for surgery and be with you as you go through each step of healing.

Your coach will attend educational classes with you before surgery. During your hospital stay, physical and occupational therapists work with you, your coach and your physician to develop a personalized rehabilitation and recovery program you start while you are in the hospital.

Once you are home, your coach will be a big help in making sure your home meets your safety needs while you heal.

If you are unable to find a coach, our team of caregivers will assist in your care and recovery while in the hospital and work with you as you transition home.

Next Steps

Once your surgeon’s office has scheduled your joint replacement surgery, you will receive information about the Norton Joint Care Program, including pre-surgery exercises to begin immediately.

Approximately two weeks before surgery, pre-admission testing and a Norton Joint Care educational class will be scheduled. It is important for you and your coach to attend the educational class. The class covers details of the surgery and how to prepare, information on your hospital stay and tips for a successful recovery.

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