Kenton D. Leatherman, M.D.: ‘The father of modern spine surgery’

Kenton D. Leatherman, M.D., established the Children’s Hospital Department of Orthopedics. His groundbreaking work to repair scoliosis brought him worldwide renown.

When Dr. Leatherman started practicing, the accepted treatment for spinal deformities was a body cast.

He was the first doctor in Kentucky to repair scoliosis surgically. He later brought the use of Harrington rods to the U.S. Surgeons implant these stainless steel rods along the spinal column to alleviate curvatures.

Dr. Leatherman organized the area’s first scoliosis clinic, the Scoliosis and Spine Treatment Center, which would become Norton Leatherman Spine. Now, a half-century later, Norton Leatherman Spine has the second-oldest spine fellowship program in the U.S., training physicians from around the globe.

Dr. Leatherman began practicing medicine shortly before World War II. He cared for many young patients seeking help for severe spinal deformities caused by tuberculosis, polio and scoliosis.

Dr. Leatherman’s commitment to innovation and caring continues today at Norton Leatherman Spine.

For patients across Kentucky and throughout the region, Norton Leatherman Spine is the premier destination for nonsurgical care, pain-relieving surgery and correction of  complex spine issues. Norton Leatherman Spine also is considered a destination for patients whose previous treatments were ineffective or made their condition worse.

The specialists at Norton Leatherman Spine bring outstanding training, extensive experience and a consistent philosophy of care to their patients.

For a generation, the physicians at Norton Leatherman Spine have practiced a team approach to spine care. Today major spine centers across the country now advocate discussion and input from multiple providers so patients receive better care.

The outstanding level of care generated by this team approach has lifted Norton Leatherman Spine’s global reputation and quality results.

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