Long-term Care After COVID-19

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Long-term COVID-19 Care Clinic

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Norton Infectious Diseases Institute Long-term COVID-19 Care Clinics offer treatment for patients who still have symptoms of COVID-19, even after testing negative for the virus.

Ongoing Effects

Even though you’ve recovered from COVID-19, you still may have lingering symptoms, including extreme fatigue, headaches, brain fog, feelings of tingling or burning on the skin, and an inability to resume activities.

You may feel this way even if you were not sick enough to be hospitalized. You just may not feel back to yourself, even months after you’ve been clear of the virus.

Aside from physical symptoms, you may have new or worsening symptoms such as depression, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed.

What to Expect

In the clinic, you will be examined. Then your provider will conduct more specific diagnostics and begin treatment before referring you to the appropriate specialist such as pulmonology, heart and vascular, physical rehabilitation, behavioral health — whatever you need.

Providers do not assume your symptoms are coronavirus-related. They will draw blood and assess various factors that could explain your symptoms.

Norton Infectious Diseases Institute Long-Term COVID-19 Care Clinic (adult patients)

Downtown Louisville
Norton Healthcare Pavilion, Suite 192
315 E. Broadway
Louisville, Kentucky

Northeast Louisville
Norton Medical Plaza I – Brownsboro, Suite 303
4950 Norton Healthcare Blvd.
Louisville, Kentucky

A physician referral may be required to make an appointment.

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