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Norton Sports Health understands every patient is unique. Depending on your injury or your condition, you may need physical therapy as part of your care plan. Norton Sports Health refers you to the physical therapy practice that is right for your condition and close to home or work.

Physical Therapy Options Tailored for Your Life

If you’ve worked with a physical therapist in the past, you can request that practice. If you have a physical therapist or practice you want to use, your physician will make a suggestion based on your treatment plan and a location that’s convenient for you.

Team Approach

When coming back from an injury or condition, you could work with a physical therapist, athletic trainer or both. Your physician may suggest a home exercise program for you based on your injury or condition. You also may have consultations with an athletic trainer in your physician’s office.

The Norton Sports Health difference

Our physicians specialize in sports medicine and are fellowship trained. Their expertise allows them to provide comprehensive care to athletes of all levels.  This care typically includes a unique team approach, which could include advanced treatment techniques, new technology or physical therapy.

No Matter Your Activity Level – We Can Help

Norton Sports Health features a team of highly trained sports medicine specialists, including orthopedic surgeons, nonsurgical orthopedic specialists, neurologists, physiatrists and a sports psychologist. These specialists work together with sports nutritionists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, nurses and other care providers to design customized programs that help athletes of all ages return to optimal performance following a sports-related injury.

About Norton Sports Health

No matter what type of athlete you are, Norton Sports Health can provide you with the care you need. From high school to professional, from older adults to weekend warriors, we prevent sports-related injuries and get you back to the activities you enjoy.

  • Norton Sports Health specialists are trained and experienced in caring for sports-related injuries and conditions.
  • Our team includes orthopedists, neurologists, primary care physicians, professional athletic trainers and physical therapists.
  • Our providers work together to provide advanced care for athletes and individuals of all ages.
  • We design customized programs that meet your specific needs and help get you back to your active lifestyle.
  • Our sports health specialists serve as medical directors for the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon/Marathon.
  • We provide athletic trainers to high schools and colleges in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

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