Disproportionate Share Hospital Program

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The Disproportionate Share Hospital Program (DSH) is another program that Norton Healthcare participates in to assist with your medical bills.

The DSH is administered by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and so Kentucky sets DSH income and resource guidelines. To apply for DSH financial assistance, submit a completed and signed application along with the required supporting documentation. Because the Commonwealth of Kentucky requires a physical signature, the application cannot be completed online. You must print and mail the completed application along with your supporting documentation.

For more information about the DSH program and to read eligibility requirements, go to CHFS.KY.gov

Programa hospitalario con población desproporcionada

You are required to send the following supporting documentation with your application for DSH:

  • Last year’s federal tax return
  • 2 to 3 recent pay stubs for all earned household income
  • Proof of Social Security income (award letter with monthly income listed)
  • Proof of disability benefits/income
  • Proof of pension benefits
  • Proof of child support benefits/income
  • Proof of any other income

Mail the completed DSH application and all supporting documentation to:

Norton Healthcare
SBO Financial Assistance Dept. 14-7
P.O. Box 35070
Louisville, KY 40232-5070

If you have questions about financial assistance, call Norton Healthcare Customer Service at (502) 479-6300 or (800) 874-3979. If you experience difficulty financing your hospitalization, we urge you to speak with a customer service representative as soon as possible so we may assist you in making arrangements.

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