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What is NortonPay and What Are the Benefits?

NortonPay is a new way to pay for Norton Healthcare services. Once you’ve used a credit card at one of our locations and noted that card to be used for NortonPay, we can recall that payment information for future transactions. So, the next time you visit a Norton Healthcare hospital or physician office, tell us to “put it on NortonPay.” The benefit is never having to worry about taking a credit card with you, especially if you are coming for a procedure or extended stay.

What Do I Need to Do to Start Using NortonPay?

Just give your permission to any registrar or customer service representative when paying by credit card and you can use NortonPay the next time you visit one of our facilities.

Does Norton Store My Credit Card Number?

Norton Healthcare uses TrustCommerce, an industry-compliant payment processing service provider, to securely warehouse and retrieve payment card information. TrustCommerce provides Norton Healthcare a safe and secure process for exchanging sensitive credit card information. No sensitive credit card information is kept with Norton Healthcare. Instead, that information is maintained by TrustCommerce. NortonPay retrieves a billing identification number from TrustCommerce to recall your past payment information that can then be used for future transactions.

Does Norton Automatically Put the Payment on NortonPay Without My Permission?

NortonPay is only used when you tell us to use it. Nothing ever gets charged to your credit card without your permission.

Doesn’t Norton Already Have My Card in MyNortonChart?

We may, but that is limited to paying bills through MyNortonChart. NortonPay allows you to pay at any of our locations or registration areas, even if you don’t have your credit card with you.

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