Financial Assistance

Helping to take the stress out of paying your bills

For more than a century, Norton Healthcare's faith heritage has guided its mission of caring for the sick and injured in the community. That faith heritage influences every aspect of the care we provide.

Our hospitals provide free or discounted emergency or other medically necessary care to eligible patients.

As your health care provider, we are concerned not only with your physical well-being, but also with your peace of mind. We understand that making financial arrangements for health care services can be stressful. That's why we want to help.

Norton Healthcare offers assistance through its Financial Assistance Policy for hospital-based emergency or other medically necessary care to patients who cannot afford to pay and who qualify for financial assistance based on income, resources and family situation.

The services covered under our Financial Assistance Policy are offered at the following locations:

  • Norton Audubon Hospital • Norton Brownsboro Hospital
  • Norton Children's Hospital • Norton Hospital
  • Norton Women's & Children's Hospital • Norton Children's Medical Center
  • Norton Cancer Institute
  • Norton Cardiovascular Center – Dixie
  • Norton Cardiovascular Center – Springs
  • Norton Diagnostic Center – Dupont
  • Norton Diagnostic Center - Fern Creek
  • Norton Diagnostic Center - St. Matthews

Who is eligible for this financial assistance?

You may qualify for free or discounted emergency or medically necessary care if you meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You do not have health insurance, or you have an unpaid balance after your insurance plan has either paid or rejected a claim.
  2. You do not qualify for subsidized coverage or government assistance, such as Disproportionate Share Hospital Program, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care Organization or Hoosier Healthwise.
  3. Your family unit’s income is equal to or less than 300 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.
  4. Your family unit’s resources (assets) are equal to or less than 200 percent of the Disproportionate Share Hospital guidelines.
  5. For additional financial assistance criteria, please refer to the Norton Healthcare Financial Assistance Policy.

What will I be charged for care?

Norton Healthcare provides hospital-based emergency and other medically necessary care free of charge to all patients who meet the criteria for the Financial Assistance Policy. Patients who are eligible for financial assistance will not be charged more than the amounts generally billed to patients with insurance coverage. This includes care at Norton Healthcare’s five hospitals, plus Norton Children’s Medical Center, Norton Cancer Institute, Norton Cardiovascular Diagnostic Centers and Norton Diagnostic Centers.

How do I apply for assistance?

To apply for financial assistance, you must submit a written application. You may have to provide a copy of last year’s tax return or other documents, as required by the Financial Assistance Policy.

You can complete the application online at one of these links:

You can download and print an application using one of the following links.

Major Services Financial Assistance Application

Minor Services Financial Assistance Application

You also can pick up an application at any Norton Healthcare hospital financial counseling office or emergency department, or call Customer Service at (502) 479-6300 or (800) 874-3979 to request an application, which will be mailed to you for free.

When you complete the paper application, you can scan and email it to or mail it to:

Norton Healthcare
SBO Financial Assistance Dept. 14-7
P.O. Box 35070
Louisville, KY 40232-9972

How can I learn more about the Financial Assistance Policy and get help with the application process?

  • Speak to a counselor in a financial counseling office located at any of our hospitals.
  • Call Norton Healthcare Customer Service at (502)-479-6300 or (800) 874-3979.
  • Download information from one of the links below. Additional translations will be available soon.

Norton Healthcare Financial Assistance Policy

Norton Healthcare Billing and Collections Policy

Norton Healthcare Financial Assistance Policy plain language summary

Provider listing

What if I’m not eligible for assistance under the Norton Healthcare Financial Assistance Policy?

If you are uninsured and you do not meet the eligibility requirements for our Financial Assistance Policy for hospital-based emergency or other medically necessary care, or you are seeking financial assistance for care that is not an emergency or otherwise medically necessary, you may still qualify for a discount through a separate assistance program. Call Norton Healthcare Customer Service at (502) 479-6300 or (800) 874-3979 for more information.

We offer payment plan options to assist you in paying your bill. Call Norton Healthcare Customer Service at (502) 479-6300 or (800) 874-3979 to learn more about our uninsured discount and payment plan options. We urge you to contact Customer Service as soon as possible so we may assist you in making arrangements.

If you have more questions about financial assistance, call Norton Healthcare Customer Service at (502) 479-6300 or (800) 874-3979.

Customer Service

Norton Healthcare
Customer Service

(502) 479-6300

Or toll-free

(800) 874-3979

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