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Aneurysm Frequently Asked Questions

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Trigger finger treatment without surgery

A temporary sticking or popping in any finger or thumb when you bend the finger — trigger finger — can be treated without surgery, but in some cases an outpatient procedure may be needed to […]

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Lifelong Cardinals fan and orthopedic surgeon cares for the women’s basketball team

Samuel Carter, M.D., has always rooted for University of Louisville basketball. This season, as the orthopedic surgeon to the women’s team, he’s had a front row seat. The women’s basketball team has been among the […]

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More hip replacement patients can recover at home quicker with the arrival of Carl Kure, D.O.

One of the first things Carl Kure, D.O., noticed about Louisvillians is how active they are. It’s “one of the things that made us fall in love with this city,” Dr. Kure said, referring to […]

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Sports medicine was always the plan for University of Louisville football’s head team physician

Chad Smith M.D.’s love of sports led him to become an orthopedic surgeon. His love for Louisville brought him to Louisville’s leading provider of orthopedic care after advanced training in sports medicine. With Norton Healthcare […]

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Norton Healthcare and LHC Group Inc. partner to provide quality home recovery programs

Everyone knows there’s no place like home. That’s especially true when recovering from illness or injury. Norton Healthcare and LHC Group Inc. announced recently the formation of a joint venture partnership – creating Norton Home […]

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