Aneurysm Frequently Asked Questions

General Aneurysm Questions

What is an aneurysm?

Are people born with aneurysms?

How do you know if you have an aneurysm?

Does my aneurysm need to be treated?

Who should be screened for a brain aneurysm?

What happens if an aneurysm bursts?

Do aneurysms cause headaches?

Treatment Questions

Are there any restrictions when you have an aneurysm?

What is aneurysm clipping, and what are the risks?

What is endovascular coiling, and what are the risks?

Once an aneurysm is coiled, is it cured?

What is a pipeline embolization device?

If a pipeline embolization device has the best success rate, why use anything else?

Where will the procedure be done?

How many aneurysm treatments are done per year?

When can I return to physical activities?

Do I have to quit smoking if I have an aneurysm?

What is the recovery time after getting an aneurysm fixed?

What kind of follow-up will I need after a procedure?

Shervin Dashti, M.D., Ph.D. answers the most common questions his patients ask him on a daily basis. The videos will provide answers to all of your questions about aneurysms.

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