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Aneurysm Frequently Asked Questions

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3 signs you may be ready for a joint replacement

If you’ve been living with joint pain due to arthritis, you may be wondering if you need a knee or hip replacement. When considering joint replacement surgery, there are a few ways you can determine […]

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Bone health in your 40s

Besides exercise, diet and lifestyle choices, bone health is of critical importance as we age. A house is only as strong as its foundation, and your bones are your body’s foundation. Here are some things […]

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Athletes take risks with DIY summer strength and conditioning plans

An athlete’s summer conditioning program should strike a balance between the need for physical and mental rest and the desire to stay in shape. The temptation to wander into a nearby gym and use whatever […]

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Is it a sprain or a break? Telling the difference can be tricky

Determining whether it’s a sprain versus a break when you twist your ankle, wrench a knee or put out your arm when falling can be difficult, as both can have overlapping symptoms, and sprains can […]

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What to know and do before knee surgery

Preparing for knee replacement surgery may feel intimidating. Did you know that every year, more than half a million people have knee replacement surgery? Your doctor’s office will give you a booklet and more detailed […]

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