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Progress Through Focused Therapy

One in every three people — some 1.7 million people in Kentucky and Southern Indiana alone — will be affected by a neurological disorder at some point in their life. For many, expert rehabilitation plays a significant role in healing and quality of life.

Norton Neurosciences & Spine Rehabilitation Center is the area’s only program focused solely on rehabilitating patients with neurological and spine injuries and disorders. With state-of-the art technology, highly trained therapists and physician collaboration, Norton Neurosciences & Spine Rehabilitation Center provides comprehensive, personalized physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Focused on You

Norton Neurosciences & Spine Rehabilitation Center provides rehabilitation services for patients managing a host of neurological and spine conditions, including stroke, brain tumors, brain injuries, spine disorders and injuries, multiple sclerosis and movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

Our team provides services for:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Brain tumors
  • Cardiovascular
  • Manual therapy
  • Movement disorders (Multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), etc.)
  • Preoperative and postoperative care
  • Spinal cord injury (SCI)
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Wheelchair seating clinic

Physician Collaboration

We understand the importance of working with referring physicians. Our therapists and clinicians will work in collaboration with your physician to ensure you receive the best care possible and that your entire medical team is aware of your treatments and progress.

Advanced Technology

Specialized equipment and programs developed exclusively for neurological and spine rehabilitation are essential in helping patients progress through recovery or while managing advanced illnesses.

At Norton Neurosciences & Spine Rehabilitation Center, you have access to some of the most advanced technology available to help with balance, muscle strength, independent mobility and more. Our specialized rehabilitation equipment includes:

  • Body weight support training systems (Lokomat by Hocoma; TheraStride by Innoventor)
  • Functional electronic stimulation bikes
  • Wheelchair assessment tools
  • Gait assessment tools
  • Advanced foot drop systems

Lokomat Therapy and Locomotor Training

The Lokomat system is an innovative gait-therapy device developed to help patients with severe paralysis or movement disorders. The Lokomat assists gait-impaired patients in making walking movements and is used to improve mobility following stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury or multiple sclerosis, as well as many other neurological diseases and injuries. Our Lokomat system is one of only 70 in use nationwide and the only one in the Louisville area.

Center for Independent Living

The state-of-the-art Center for Independent Living serves adult and pediatric patients, using the most advanced mapping and wheelchair assessment tools. Our rehabilitation engineer works closely with national manufacturers and local certified providers to optimize wheelchair positioning, mobility and function. Our wheelchair seating and positioning services can help new wheelchair users build a  customized manual or power wheelchair, or modify an existing system to improve comfort and postural stability, as well as reduce fatigue and long-term orthopedic and neurological injuries that can occur over time with wheelchair use.

Objective Measurements

With the latest technology, our therapists and clinicians have the ability to assess patients’ progress more accurately than through observation alone. Through specialty software and equipment, our therapists are able to focus on obtaining scientific, objective data. This allows these therapeutic specialists and your referring physician to more accurately track your progress over time.

Building the Future

In conjunction with Bellarmine University, Norton Neurosciences & Spine Rehabilitation Center is home to a neurologic physical therapy residency program that trains two neurological clinical specialty physical therapists per year. The program provides training for the region’s next generation of specialized physical therapists through classes, supervision and mentoring, clinical rounds, independent study modules and community service. Advanced training in adult and pediatric neurologic physical therapy is a part of the curriculum.

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