Art Therapy at Norton Cancer Institute

Healing through creative expression

When facing a cancer diagnosis, art-making can help you address challenges and develop the resilience to feel truly healthy and well. Art therapy, which combines visual arts with the knowledge of human development, psychology and mental health, can assist in that process.

What is art therapy?

Art therapy strives to find change and growth through a relationship with a licensed art therapist and the art-making experience.

Art therapy incorporates a variety of mediums and approaches to creativity and is designed to build on your interests and strengths. For example, you may work with traditional fine-art materials such as pencils, markers, paints and clay, or more craft-based approaches, which could include jewelry, fibers, printmaking or scrapbooking.

Why try art therapy?

Research shows that art therapy helps improve the lives of people dealing with a medical diagnosis such as cancer.

Immediate effects of art therapy can include reduction in stress and pain perception, as well as increased relaxation and a feeling of accomplishment. Long-term effects can include improved quality of life, a feeling of empowerment, resiliency and a better understanding and expression of life experiences.

Who can benefit?

Through Norton Cancer Institute, anyone affected by cancer can request art therapy services. Whether you are barely old enough to grasp a crayon or a great-great-grandparent, you can experience developmentally appropriate ways to heal through visual arts. You can experience art therapy individually or in a group setting.

How can I get art therapy services?

Art therapy is available free of charge through Norton Cancer Institute Resource Centers to anyone affected by cancer.

Your art therapist will work with you to determine your individual interests and goals.

When is art therapy available?

Your art therapist will help you determine the best time and location to fit your needs.

View the Calendar of Hope for a list of art therapy classes and other special events happening throughout the year.

Learn more about art therapy:

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