Lung Cancer Screening and Prevention

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Identifying Lung Cancer Before Symptoms Start

It used to be that with a diagnosis of lung cancer, the chance of a cure was very low. That’s because by the time symptoms appeared, the cancer already had reached an advanced stage. Now, thanks to advanced lung cancer screening options, there’s hope for identifying the disease early, when it’s most treatable.

Norton Cancer Institute uses high-speed, low-dose computed tomography (CT) scanning, which can detect even the tiniest of nodules. The screening scan — which is painless, noninvasive and takes just a few minutes — is offered to individuals at high risk for developing lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines

Lung cancer screening is recommended for those who are at high risk due to cigarette smoking. You may be a candidate if you meet all the following criteria:

  • Age 50 to 80
  • Are a current smoker or quit within the past 15 years
  • Smoking history of 20 pack years (Multiply typical packs per day by number of years. For example, two packs per day for 10 years is 20 pack years.)

Studies have shown that early diagnosis with tools like CT scans can reduce the risk of death from lung cancer by up to 20 percent.

Norton Cancer Institute is committed to helping patients throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana take charge of their health. We offer a full range of advanced lung cancer treatment options and cancer support services through every phase of care to empower you on the road to recovery.

Preventing Lung Cancer

Experts agree that the best way to prevent lung cancer is to quit smoking or prevent exposure to secondhand smoke. If you currently smoke or have a history of smoking, it’s important to get regular checkups with a physician and get screened for lung cancer.

Norton Healthcare Prevention & Wellness offers a comprehensive tobacco cessation program program to help you stop using tobacco. Classes are offered at a variety of times and locations to make quitting tobacco easy and convenient.

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