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Norton Healthcare music therapists are available to help with a wide range of conditions. To connect you with a music therapist, your health care provider can refer you to one of the following professionals.

Norton Audubon Hospital

Kyle Hubert, MT-BC

Erin Shina, MT-BC

Susan Upchurch, MT-BC

Contact the music therapists through the Robert Lerman Memorial Music Library at (502) 636-7054.

Norton Brownsboro Hospital

Brian Schreck, M.A., MT-BC
Brian provides services for inpatients and outpatients diagnosed with cancer. Contact Brian at (502) 394-6415.

Kerry Willis, MT-BC
Kerry provides services for inpatient rehabilitation units. Contact Kerry at (502) 446-8525.

Norton Children’s Hospital and Norton Hospital

Katie Cowan, MT-BC, NICU-MT
Katie provides music therapy groups to adults and children in inpatient behavioral health units as well as services for pediatric patients with psychiatric consults. Contact Katie at (502) 629-8736.

Brett Northrup, MT-BC
Brett provides services for all inpatients and outpatients diagnosed with cancer. Contact Brett at (502) 629-5500.

Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital

Alex Ruffner, MT-BC, NICU-MT
Alex provides services for inpatients and their families in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Contact Alex at (502) 559-4486.

Brian Schreck, M.A., MT-BC
Brian provides inpatient and outpatient services for patients diagnosed with cancer and their families. Contact Brian at (502) 899-6888.

Norton Cancer Institute

Brett Northrup, MT-BC

Norton Children’s Cancer Institute, affiliated with the UofL School of Medicine

Norton Cancer Institute – Downtown

Norton Cancer Institute – Jeffersonville

Novak Center for Children’s Health

Brian Schreck, M.A., MT-BC

Norton Cancer Institute – Audubon

Norton Cancer Institute – Brownsboro

Norton Cancer Institute – Corydon

Norton Cancer Institute – Shelbyville

Norton Cancer Institute – St. Matthews

Contact Brett or Brian at (502) 629-HOPE (4673).

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