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At Norton Healthcare, we use music therapy to help patients reach their treatment goals. Our board-certified music therapists help patients from Louisville and Southern Indiana with pain, discomfort and anxiety often associated with hospitalization. Music therapy also has the potential to enhance healing and recovery.

Music therapy helps patients and their families cope and address emotional, mental and social needs. Music therapy can enhance the quality of life for patients and caregivers as well as give families an opportunity to share time together in a positive, creative way.

Music therapy can significantly help the overall health and well-being of people dealing with a variety of conditions. Specific therapies are based on the music therapist’s assessment of each patient’s strengths and needs.

Music therapists are board-certified health care professionals who work with patients, families, and other members of your health care team through:

  • Receptive music therapy: live and recorded music listening, song analysis and discussion, music guided visualization for relaxation
  • Improvisational music therapy: instrumental, vocal, storytelling, and symbolic play
  • Recreative music therapy: song singing and movement
  • Compositional music therapy: songwriting, voice recording and legacy projects
  • Co-treatment with physical, occupational, speech, massage, and art therapy

For more information on the field of music therapy visit the American Music Therapy Association website at

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