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At Norton Cancer Institute, we recognize that adolescents and young adults with cancer have unique needs and challenges different from children or older adults. The Norton Cancer Institute Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) Program provides focused medical care, support, education and resources to patients ages 15 to 39 to help navigate those challenges and ease some of the stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis.  

No matter the challenge you face or your loved one faces, our patient navigators are here to offer support and education for adolescent and young adult patients with any type of cancer. Patient navigators are here to assist with:

  • Educating patients and providing information about cancer and living a healthy lifestyle
  • Coordinating physician appointments and explaining screenings, procedures, exams, follow-ups and lab work
  • Discussing options for fertility preservation or assessment
  • Navigating through the health care system
  • Advocating for patients’ and families’ physical, emotional and social needs
  • Obtaining referrals to community resources and support services

AYA Program navigators can help connect patients and their families to a variety of supportive services, including:

  • Financial counseling and assistance 
  • Expressive therapies (art and music therapy)
  • Educational classes
  • Integrative therapies (yoga, tai chi, Nia, guided meditation)
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Mental health support
  • Family, teen and young adult programs
  • Support groups

To learn more about upcoming events and connect with other young adults affected by cancer, join our Facebook group by searching for “Norton Cancer Institute Adolescent and Young Adult Program.”

For more information about the AYA Program, call Norton Cancer Institute Resource Center – St. Matthews at (502) 899-6888.

Jennifer Harris
Outreach/AYA Program Coordinator

(502) 899-6953


We have put together a list of local and national resources that we hope will be useful to you.

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Are You a Breast Cancer Survivor Looking for Support?

Calendar Join the Norton Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Support Group on Facebook. This group offers a safe venue where you can feel empowered and share experiences with others facing the same challenges. Search for the group name and click “Join Group.” If you are a breast cancer survivor diagnosed at age 45 or younger, the Young Survivors of Louisville group on Facebook offers hope and support. Search for the group name and click “Join Group.”

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