Music Therapy at Norton Cancer Institute

Music serves as an outlet for expression, as a form of communication and entertainment, and as a mode of therapy.

Music therapy assists cancer patients in reaching medical goals and has been shown to ease pain, discomfort and anxiety often associated with hospitalization. It also enhances healing and recovery.

Music therapy helps patients and their families cope, addressing emotional, mental and social needs. Music therapy can enhance the quality of life for cancer patients and caregivers as well as give families an opportunity to share time together in a positive, creative way. It can have a significant positive impact on the overall health and well-being of people dealing with a variety of conditions.

A music therapist works with patients, families and health care professionals through:

  • Making music
  • Writing and discussing songs
  • Listening to music
  • Moving to music
  • Co-treatment with physical, occupational or speech therapy

Contact us at one of our facilities for more information on how you can benefit from music therapy: 

Norton Audubon Hospital: (502) 636-7054
Norton Brownsboro Hospital: (502) 446-8525
Norton Children’s Hospital: (502) 629-7799
Norton Hospital: (502) 629-5500
Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital: (502) 899-6888
Norton Cancer Institute: (502) 899-6988
Norton Neuroscience Institute: (502) 559-3231

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