Patient Navigator Program at Norton Cancer Institute

Patient navigators offer support and education for patients with any type of cancer. Patient Navigator Program nurses are available to help ease stress and offer emotional support for the entire family at no cost.
From the point of a suspicious finding through diagnosis, treatment and survivorship, our patients, their caregivers and their family members have access to a navigator as often as needed.

A patient navigator assists with:

  • Education regarding cancer diagnosis, staging and treatment
  • Timely communication among patients, physicians and primary caregivers
  • Coping with physical and emotional needs
  • Scheduling and coordinating staging studies, consultations and referrals to improve convenience and minimize treatment delays
  •  Connecting patients with appropriate health care and community resources
  • Access to a multidisciplinary, team-based approach to care
  • Transition between physicians’ offices and clinics
  • Identifying and addressing barriers to timely and appropriate treatment

Patient navigation services are free and available as often as needed by patients and families.

Meet the Team

Brain Tumor Patient Navigator

Kellie Kopp, R.N., OCN
(502) 629-3729

Breast Patient Navigators

Danielle Casey, R.N., OCN, CBCN
(502) 899-6888

Janet Constant, R.N., OCN
(502) 629-3136

Leesa Mattingly, R.N., OCN, CBCN
(502) 629-3136

Missy Ulfe, R.N., MSN, CBCN
(502) 394-6415

Breast Screening Navigator

Amy Rougeux, R.N., OCN
(502) 629-3957

Colon Screening Navigator

Cynthia Preston, R.N.
(502) 899-6884

Gastrointestinal Patient Navigator

Ingrid Smith, R.N.
(502) 629-5998

Head and Neck Patient Navigator

Abbey Overstreet, R.N., OCN
(502) 629-1800

Genitourinary Patient Navigators

Cheretha Hall, R.N., OCN
(502) 629-5500

Linda Henderson, R.N.
(502) 899-6888

Liver Patient Navigator

Carol Ranschaert, R.N., OCN
(502) 629-3136

Lung Patient Navigators

Jenny Frantz, R.N., OCN
(502) 636-8308

Steve House, R.N., OCN
(502) 636-8308

Lung Screening Navigator

Connie Buckley, R.N., AE-C
(502) 636-8308

Oncology Patient Navigators

Karen Allen, R.N., OCN
(502) 394-6415

Anglia Munk, R.N., OCN
(502) 636-8308

Deborah Pirtle, R.N., OCN, CHPN
(812) 288-1156

Rhonda Walker, R.N., OCN.
(502) 899-6888

Pediatric Oncology Patient Navigator

Frances Price, R.N., OCN, CPHON
(502) 629-6916

Survivorship Patient Navigator

Gina Morrison, R.N., OCN
(502) 899-6888

Cancer patient navigators – 4673 & 6772

For More Information

(502) 629-HOPE (4673)


(800) 555-6772

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